Cloud Computing-Teradici CAS Manager Supports Hypergrowth In Remote Work

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Teradici CAS Manager Supports Hypergrowth In Remote Work

March 23, 2021

Over the past year, the world has embraced remote working. Remote working options are the new normal, and Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) is growing to help you scale your remote desktop infrastructure to support a hybrid workplace—all with a streamlined IT management experience. 

CAS deployments are made up of three core software components: PCoIP
® Agents in the host environment, PCoIP® Clients in endpoints, and CAS Manager, the unified interface for IT administrators to secure, broker, provision and monitor CAS connections, which is included with CAS subscriptions at no additional cost.

Usage of CAS Manager has increased significantly with the surge in remote working, as our customers are managing growing PCoIP deployments. We know some of you love using CAS Manager but would prefer to install it within your own infrastructure. Now you can!

Install CAS Manager in any IT environment (see the installation guide) or continue to access it as a Teradici service (CAS Manager as a Service). This provides greater flexibility and control as you scale your remote infrastructure in the months and years ahead. 

CAS Manager also now supports larger deployments with more concurrent sessions at a higher throughput. This means more remote employees can work productively and securely, no matter where they are.

“Using Teradici CAS and CAS Manager allowed us to keep our more than 600 artists around the world creative and productive when we were forced to work from home during the pandemic,” said Darren Hyland, Director of Technology, Brown Bag Films, a leading creative-led animation studio. “Brown Bag Films is one of the most technically advanced studios, and our remote working technology is a big part of that. Teradici CAS gives our artists seamless access to our secure studio environment wherever they are, and that flexibility helps us hit our deadlines no matter what and continue to produce award-winning content.”


Benefits of CAS Manager:

·        Automate and broker CAS deployments

·        Optimize costs and manage cloud consumption

·        Secure CAS deployments

·        Flexible deployment options with hybrid support


·        CAS Manager Admin Console: the unified interface where customers create and monitor their CAS deployments, Cloud Access Connectors and provision remote desktops and workstations

·        Cloud Access Connector – An access hub installed in the customer environment that facilitates PCoIP connections to remote desktops and workstations by providing user authentication, entitlement and security gateway services. It operates in conjunction with the CAS Manager to provide Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and brokering for desktops or workstations located in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and on-premises environments.