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1.Angus Cloud Computing products2.application scenariosPCoIP desktop Cloud protocol can play a key role in VFX image rendering /CAD design/medical image and other scenes, and achieve high-quality imag

1.Angus Cloud Computing products


2.application scenarios

PCoIP desktop Cloud protocol can play a key role in VFX image rendering /CAD design/medical image and other scenes, and achieve high-quality image transmission in remote media editing, image effect rendering, industrial design, distance education, telemedicine, etc.


3.What is PCoIP technology?

n  PCoIP is a display protocol

  Desktop image coding, compression, encryption, through the IP network transmission to the client

n  Pixel transmission of PCoIP protocol

  Ensures secure remote connectivity of data, providing high performance in user interaction, frame rate, and image quality

n  PCoIP "Lossless Build"

 Value in important situations such as media production, medical diagnostics, CAD design, etc

n  PCoIP using UDP

 More suitable for streaming media and real-time display than TCP, suitable for high latency network

4.PCoIP Ultra Protocol enhancements

PCoIP Ultra has been optimized to provide truly accurate lossless support with bit-accurate color accuracy and retention of content details at the highest frame rate:

(1)PCoIP Ultra supports 4K/UHD high frame-rate content for video playback on multiple screens

(2)PCoIP Ultra supports AVX2 instruction extensions on multi-core Cpus for a faster and stronger interaction experience

(3)PCoIP Ultra supports multiple encoder architectures, including lossless, H.264, and HEVC compression

5.PCoIP development Milestone


   * PCoIP has been widely used in AWS/Azure/GCP mainstream cloud platforms

6.What business needs cloud computing desktop services?

n  High performance office with anywhere access:

    Allow creators to work at home, or elsewhere, without limiting access locations

   Cooperate with the virtual GPU of the data center to control the high-demand graphics program business processing

n  Ultra-high safety centralized data:

   Centralized storage of business data, calculation, no local business data download

   Only encrypted pixels are allowed to encrypt the local display, and content is not allowed to move to local users

n  Unified content collaborative work:

   For the same material, designers and artists apply different techniques at different stages of the workflow.

n  Rapid deployment:

   Rapid deployment to match business size, minute level service delivery, more efficient than traditional deployment

7.PCoIP technology features and advantages

• Super safe:

üHost rendering: Pixel-level processing means that intellectual property within an enterprise data center remains secure

üEncrypted pixel transport: AES-256 encrypted pixels ensure an ultra-secure connection to a PCoIP endpoint

üChinese encryption algorithm evolution: Security cooperation with domestic security enterprises to enhance PCoIP security

• High-quality image transmission:

ü  Lossless compression: maximizes display of real image color, design to keep what you see is what you get

ü  High quality: 4K/UHD, 10BIT color depth treatment

ü  Image decomposition and multiple codecs: Efficiently lossless build and optimize bandwidth for the highest image quality

• widespread application:

ü  Public cloud: deployed on infrastructure, including amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google clouds

ü  Private clouds: Windows/Linux/ VMware ESXi or Red Hat KVM inside the enterprise, etc

ü  DaaS: Integrated with Amazon Workspace and VMware Horizon

ü  Animation design /3D/CAD design: Telecommuting applications on enterprise GPU workstations


PCoIP lossless technology delivers accurate color and texture for any use case.

8.PCoIP is widely used in cloud computing ecology: